Zoneminder live CD!

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Zoneminder live CD!

Postby drmora » Tue Feb 10, 2004 3:46 am

Hello, I recently downloaded the live cd. When I boot up the computer with it I receive a login screen and have tried all the general passwords. Can someone please help me out and provide me with the default login and password.

Thank You Have a nice day,

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Re: Zoneminder live CD!

Postby zoneminder » Tue Feb 10, 2004 10:15 am


The LiveCD is a third party contributed download and as such I don't have any knowledge of what it does or requires. I assume you are referring to a system password but if you mean the ZoneMinder one then the default login (which you should change) is admin/admin.


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Re: Zoneminder live CD!

Postby rdmelin » Tue Feb 10, 2004 3:58 pm

Hi Dr Mora,

When the machine boots from the liveCD, if it successfully detects and
configures the hardware, the user will find himself(herself) at a KDE
desktop. Two programs will autorun. Mozilla will appear, with an error
message, since Zoneminder cannot start. The second is kwrite with a text
version if the information in index.html on the CD. If you don,t recall this
message has all the username-password pairs with a plea to change them.

After an install the machine will boot in the same way, except that
Zoneminder will be running. Its the home page in Mozilla, so the user will
see a login screen. The fields are already loaded with the default
admin-admin login, since Mozilla's 'remember passwords' function is enabled.
Two monitors are already defined, in monitor mode, /dev/video0(0) and
/dev/video0(1). So in most cases, with most v4l devices, the user will see
his camera(s) first reboot after install without any configuration. (I'm not
sure about usb devices)

If however the liveCD doesn't successfully boot and start X it will fall back
to a regular terminal login. The most common cause I have found is not enough
RAM. 256MB is minimum. If the liveCD doesn't get as for as the KDE desktop then
it will be of no use on that particular hardware. Sorry.

Hope this clarifies things.


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