Question about setting up ZoneMinder for surveillance general inquiry

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Question about setting up ZoneMinder for surveillance general inquiry

Post by PforPianist » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:27 am

Hi my name is Nathan, I have recently signed up to this forum because i'm interested in using ZoneMinder for a cloud-based monitoring platform for surveillance cameras.

I've taken a look at the website and from general observation noticed that ZoneMinder is available for most linux distributions and also use on mobile devices.

I'm wanting to use ZoneMinder as a way to gain access to video surveillance over a web site and make the cameras available to the users. It will be set up in a premises. All cameras need to be able to write to some place for access small snippets of footage from each camera. As far as surveillance we're wanting to be able to give access to someone to be able to get a recording 30 seconds before and after a button press.

So I have a few questions regarding set up and usage.

1. For clarification, zone minder will have to run on a box and not available for mobile device, as far as serving cameras. Also is it possible for zone minder to be remote, and still access the camera surveillance.
2. Provided an answer to previous question. How much time am I looking at to set up the functionality required for a premises? (access to cameras, access on a web platform)
3. What is the memory requirement for the minute of video per camera?
4. What kind of fps is available for raspberry pi being used as the station for zoneminder?

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