"Error while writing video frame" from zms

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"Error while writing video frame" from zms

Post by SyRenity » Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:57 pm


I recently checked my /var/log/message and found a lot of these errors: "Error while writing video frame". They seem to be originating from zms processes.

Wondering if it could be related to the infamous mpeg buffers, I did some checks and found that the actual error is "broken pipe", which is returned when zms is trying to write frames via ffmpeg to stdout.

As this "broken pipe" is not FFMPEG problem, but rather Linux/Apache, I did some searches. The answer appears to be: "the web client disconnected, and your CGI shouldn't keep pumping out data".

I don't recall these errors in the past, could it be related to new Windows Media Player 11? (This btw brings another issue, when the streams sometimes display green blocks on part of the video - wasn't on previous WMP).

Any idea how this can be fixed?

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Re: "Error while writing video frame" from zms

Post by HellMind » Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:57 pm

Same for me.
I want to see the ffmpeg streaming but isnt work

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