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Post by we4zonM » Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:46 am

Webmaster replied by email "see Wiki, Troubleshooting". Now have more questions not explained in Wiki. From Wiki:
Web server. Ensure that your web server can serve PHP files. It's also possible that your php.ini file may have some settings which break ZoneMinder, I'm not a PHP guru but setting safe mode may prevent your PHP files from running certain programs. You may have to set configuration to allow this.
How do I do ensure that the web server can serve PHP files?
If everything else works but you can’t get images in your browser a likely cause is a mismatch between where your web server expects to execute CGI scripts and where you have installed the zms streaming server.
I have not installed a zms streaming server? Have I? How can I find it?
Check your server configuration for the correct CGI location and ensure you have supplied the same directory to the ZoneMinder configure script via the --with-cgidir option.
How do you check the server configuration? Where is the CGI location?

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Post by we4zonM » Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:20 am

Troubleshooting. The test.php file gives
It Works!"; ?>
but I thought that it should give
It Works!
There is supposed to php with apache. The phpinfo.php gives " " empty? What should it show? The zm.php give " " empty. That is not what it should be?

Searching. Found it! Needed to change test.php and phpinfo.php to use ?php. Now both test.php and phpinfo.php work! I think that I might need to change zm.php the same way. What is PHP anyway?

Searching. zm.php has it already. Still get " " empty with zm.php? It turns out that PHP is another programming language! This is getting complicated! First perl? Now php? What is next? java?

Searching. The zm.php file makes no sense? What does Motorolla V600 have to do with Zoneminder? Why does it show up blank?

Searching. Debugging. The sever query string is blank? The server admin has no address? Is that why it is blank?

Seaching. Try it again. Now I get part of the Zoneminder! I think that it is almost there...I can see the php for the buttons like zmSlangRefresh! And Zoneminder link!

Searching. I think that all is left to do is to initialize Zoneminder like in the zm_init?

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