Released 1.36.9 The Memory Remains

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Released 1.36.9 The Memory Remains

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Changes since 1.36.8

- fixes to
- Test for existence of AutoEmail and AutoMessage. Fixes #3369 issue 2.
- Improve debug logging of packetqueue cleaning
- Improvements to export. Fix tar -v, should be tar --version. make table width:100% and iframe height 100%. Always show thumbnail of video. Show Id of event if no other links. generate Images frame content event if no jpegs but there is an mp4. Set timeout to infinity for generating export. Provide more feedback if it breaks. Fix ticker.
- Fix loading logging importance adjustment.
- always correct decoding_enable, as zms needs to know it's correct value.
- Change commands used to set and goto presets in Floureon PTZ. Fixes #3371
- Improve filter edit layout: Put actions and options in a div, remove hr's and style the resulting div to have the borders and clearing required. Make email options 100%
- Only record when in modect or nodect. Linked monitors would cause a monitor in monitor mode to record
- update man pages and typos

Full Changelog
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