Fedora 33/34 mod_php deprecated issue

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Fedora 33/34 mod_php deprecated issue

Post by kenworth » Thu Jun 03, 2021 5:10 pm

Hi all, I just upgraded to Fedora 34 from 32 today and ran into issues with the fact that mod_php is no longer present with PHP-FPM being the replacement. The issue is the php_value settings that seem to be required by Zoneminder now prevent httpd from starting since mod_php is no longer there. I was able to restore a backup copy of libphp7.so to the httpd modules directory and that enabled me to get everything up and running, however, that's not a good long term solution. Is anyone aware of the correct way to resolve this? It looks like it has been done for nginx, but ZM seems to assume that Apache is always using mod_php.


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Re: Fedora 33/34 mod_php deprecated issue

Post by GregW_ZA » Wed Jul 21, 2021 12:08 pm

Can you be more specific with regards to your issues?

I am running ZM on Fedora 34 (from RPMFusion) with no PHP issues. I am simply including the apache conf file

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in my VirtialHost configuration for ZM. I am using the default www pool for php-fpm without any changes.

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