Montage Review - Events are opened in the same window instead of a new window/tab

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Montage Review - Events are opened in the same window instead of a new window/tab

Post by ergamus » Thu Jun 03, 2021 4:28 pm

Back in 1.34 with Firefox when I'd click on an event in the Montage Review timeline it would open a new window with the video loaded for viewing.

Now in 1.36 when you try this same action, it loads the page in the same window. This is annoying for a few reasons:
  • When going back to the Montage Review page, you are no longer placed on the previous time position, but in the default center position on the timeline.
  • If I'm reviewing a time span of 4 hours with potentially thousands of events, this requires my server to once again spawn a php-fpm process with 1GB of memory, waste around 30 seconds of CPU time to process all the events and resend another 60MB of HTTP traffic that's needed to render the timeline. And this will be required every time I return back to Montage Review from the event page.
It's really put a damper on my workflow. Even panning before/after the current position on the timeline, you're returned to the center position. So with this plus the above back and forth between Event / Montage Review it's a constant memory game of "Was I last on 20:53:40 or was it 21:23:40". Wouldn't want to miss a guy with a machete moving across my yard because I mistakenly skipped over 10 minutes.

I've tested this out on Edge as well (Since it's basically Chromium reskinned) and I'm assuming it's a deliberate choice which is odd to me. The current behavior makes sense if you'd load a subpage with the event in questions inside the same window so you aren't going back and forth and waiting. Before I could keep the Event window open, move back to Montage Review window, click on another event and it would automatically load in the event window and bring it to the forefront on it's own. Easy, quick and simple.

Does anybody know which files (and lines potentially) I'd need to edit to get this "new window" behavior back?

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