Help with zm even notification install

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Help with zm even notification install

Post by timf » Wed Jun 02, 2021 8:29 pm

I've been struggling with ZM1.34 / Ubuntu 20.04 and trying to get zmeventnotification working with hooks - but without much success, see my posts in the 1.34 forum.

So I thought I'd try 1.36 - the install was very easy using this script ... der_1.36.x many thanks to the author.

Now before I go and activate HTTPS using letsencrypt ready to install zmeventnotification I'd like to try and avoid the rabbit hole I went down in V1.34.
I'd appreciate any guidance on how to do it 'correctly'.
The zmeventnotification guide is very good and detailed but I get a little confused about the various certs and keys for SSL - seems there might be an ownership problem.

My plan is the same as before, convert my 1.36 HTTP install to HTTPS and check it works ok before moving onto the zmeventnotification part.

Does this sound ok ?

Regards Tim

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