Zoneminder 1.34.6 Raspberry Pi Issue

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Zoneminder 1.34.6 Raspberry Pi Issue

Post by BarateGites » Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:42 pm


I just did a fresh install on my Raspberry Pi 3b with Buster (10). I installed Zoneminder using the WIKI instructions which installed 1.34.6. I started to add RTSP network cameras when I ran into a problem. I cannot get more then 2 cameras to work. All additional cameras will not start recording, getting message "Monitor is not capturing. We will be unable to provide an image". I cloned the settings from working cameras where only the IP changed. If I stop another camera then one of the failed cameras will start to work. It appears it is limiting me to 2 cameras for some reason.

Thank You

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