Can't run query: The client was disconnected from the server

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Can't run query: The client was disconnected from the server

Post by henry88g » Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:14 am

Running 1.34.26 on Ubuntu 20.04 - mode=MOCORD

For the last few days, one of my camera monitors (WiFi-connected EZVIZ doorbell) disconnects randomly, live image is stuck at the time
it disconnected - no further recording.

Error messages: from zm_monitorstream.cpp - Terminating, last frame sent time 10.005227 secs more than maximum of 10.000000
(the figure of 10.005227 varies a bit from failure to failure)
from zmc.cpp - Can't run query: The client was disconnected by the server because of inactivity. See wait_timeout and interactive_timeout for configuring this behavior.

I've not found references to this behaviour in this forum (so far).

The camera works ok, and reports correctly to the Android phone app.

Connection and monitoring start up again if I disable and re-enable the monitor for that camera from the ZM web console, (just ticking the Enable box and hitting 'save'). It goes wrong again after 1/2 hour to a few hours. Same behaviour in MONITOR mode.

The monitors of two other (wired IP) cameras continue to work fine all the time.

Any suggestions, gratefully received.

UPDATE - I remembered that I have a second computer, also running Ubuntu 20.04 and Zoneminder 1.34.26, talking to the same cameras - meant as a live backup. Same configuration. Guess what? No problems. The only difference is that storage in the problem system is on a separate hard drive from the Zoneminder software. Plenty of disk space. ???

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