Polygons Must Not Intersect Error Doesn't Clear

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Polygons Must Not Intersect Error Doesn't Clear

Post by CountyLine » Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:02 pm

I inadvertently created a zone that crossed itself, which of course resulted in a Polygons Must Not Intersect error. I immediately corrected the error by editing the relevant zone points to eliminate the crossing. However, ZM refused to let me save the corrected zone, insisting the error still existed when it clearly did not.

In order to proceed, I had to delete the zone and recreate it from scratch. I found a reference to this problem in a 1.30.x post. It looks like the problem has never been corrected or has resurfaced.

Just thought I would mention it.

Edit: Using 1.34.0 on Debian Sid.

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