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zm_create.sql does not create a database

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:38 pm
by bjb1959
I use ubuntu 19.10, I installed using the wiki instructions for 19.04 and initially was able to get to the log in page but was never able to log in, kept saying username or password was incorrect no matter what I entered. uninstalled completely using synaptic, deleted any zm or zoneminder folders left over to make sure I was clean. logged in to adminer (phpmyadmin) and dropped the zm database. reinstalled using the instructions again but now the database will not generate from the zm_create.sql now after I install and follow the directions and try to restart the zoneminder.service the staus tells me it failed trying to access zm database because it was unknown and there is no database in adminer when I log in named zm. Is there any way to fix this? or just chalk up yet another zoneminder install failure? I can just use my camera web site to view so I don't really need zoneminder just thought I would see if I could. any way to be able to use zoneminder on 19.10?