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RTSP streaming from Zoneminder?

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:19 pm
by MJN
I currently use TinyCamMonitor on Android to view my Zoneminder monitors via JPEG/HTTP and the https://<source>/zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms?&mode=single&monitor=12[etc] source URL.

The bandwidth required for such streaming is considerably higher than when I access the camera's H264 stream directly over RTSP and so I was wondering if Zoneminder might be able to serve up live streams over H264/RTSP (perhaps even for those cameras that aren't providing a H264 stream to Zoneminder in the first place, but that's not essential) to minimise bandwidth and maximise performance when viewing multiple cameras on mobiles?

I do have H264 passthrough enabled and so wondered if that is a means through which I can access the 'raw' stream?