ZoneMinder intermittent CPU spike on one camera

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ZoneMinder intermittent CPU spike on one camera

Post by Venn » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:21 pm

Running ZM 1.32.3 seeing intermittent CPU spikes. CPU usage usually hangs around 10% then after about 10 minutes jumps to 80-90% with no recording activity going on. Sometimes CPU usage will drop again then then cycle will repeat in another 10 minutes.

The logs unfortunately don't have any warnings/errors either. I've noticed one of the cameras seems to be the problem child, if I remove it or set it to not record the issue seems to stop. Any suggestions, on where to start looking would be great. All cameras have the same settings. Let me know what other information would be helpful.

Setup Info
Zone Minder 1.32.3
VM 4CPUs at 2.7GHz (i7 host)
6GB of memory
5 Hikvision cameras running at 1080p @8fps
Camera's all using mocord

Camera settings:
32 bit color
Blend 12.5/12.5
No FPS settings in ZM
Video Writer H264 Camera Passthrough
Buffer size 60
Warmup 0
Pre Event 5
Post Event 60
Stream Replay Image Buffer 0
Alarm Frame Count 3

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Re: ZoneMinder intermittent CPU spike on one camera

Post by Baylink » Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:57 pm

There is a parameter in monitor setup -- I don't recall which one right now, but the online help says -- which you should make sure is set to a higher FPS than your camera is actually configured for, and this symptom is exactly what you see if it's not.

Go to the monitor setup, and check the help text for everything that's an FPS parameter. :-)

(I don't remember which one it is cause I haven't had to touch it in 3 years, and I'm on the road, or I'd look. Oops: green light.)

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