Connecting Wyze V2 to Zoneminder

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Re: Connecting Wyze V2 to Zoneminder

Post by SeattleMike » Wed May 29, 2019 2:56 am

Sure, here you go (I'm just listing the ones changed from default settings):

General Tab:
Source Type: Ffmpeg
Enabled (checked)
Analysis FPS: 5
Max FPS: 5
Alarm Max FPS: 5

Source Tab:
Source Path: rtsp://<cameraname>:<password>@<your IP address>/live
-------for example: rtsp://frontdoor1:12345xyz@
Method: UDP
Target Colorspace: 24 bit color
Capture width: 1920
Capture height: 1080

-- I also find that after saving the settings, I have to go to the camera and view it or the name and IP address show up in red, as if it's not working.
-- I don't think the FPS settings matter much, seems like almost any value I pick works.
-- 24- and 32-bit color both work on my system, I chose 24-bit to reduce the bandwidth a little.
-- I think the capture height and width are also somewhat flexible if I recall, but that's what I have them set at now (1920x1080).

Hope this helps!

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