[BUG] Runstate Changes in 1.32+

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[BUG] Runstate Changes in 1.32+

Post by snake » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:19 am

In 1.30.4, with the Filter on Runstate patch applied, if you are to
1) add a Run State to a filter, save and go back to console
2) then edit that Runstate (say you change a camera from modect to nodect, or add a camera, or whatever), and save it, you will have the corresponding filter with the run state drop down now blanked out. This requires the user to go back into filters and add the runstate to the filter dropdown.

I tested on 1.32.3, and the bug remains, though I noticed that there is no way to 'edit' a runstate. It is possible to make a new one, and alternatively to create a new runstate with the same name as a previous runstate. I see issue 2490 in the git that might be referring to this. In any case, I'm assuming the filter/runstate forgetting is an issue in upstream.

Relatively Minor bug.

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