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Best and most secure way to expose Zoneminder with Caddy server

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:23 pm
by royduin
Hi guys,

I'm running Zoneminder currently with Apache on Ubuntu, to secure it I've enabled basic authentication but that wasn't working with zmNinja so I've followed these steps: ... h-zms-urls. Working great, but I'm also running Home Assistant on the same server and like to expose that also (so I can access it from the internet) but I don't like to use Apache. Nginx is possible but came across Caddy server and want to go that way. Mainly because of the automatic HTTPS and the simplicity.

I could try to migrate the Apache config (or one of the many Nginx configs in the wiki and on the forums, why so many differences?) to a Caddy config but maybe someone did this already? Another option is to run Caddy as proxy in front of Apache but why should I run two webservers when just one can handle it all?

My other question is; is basic authentication the way to go? I came across this wiki: ... -ProxyPass, it looks like that's now the best way to set things up securely but that's for Apache Zoneminder does also have a build in authentication option. Is that really secure? Maybe that's a better option?

I hope you guys can give me some advice.