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Pi 3B+ Ubuntu 18.04 Zoneminder 1.32.3

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:25 pm
by bbunge
Installed my Pi 3B+ with Ubuntu 18.04 per these instructions:!bCRzAawR!w4E_R4R89eLZ ... BPMVoqvwLY

Installed tasksel, then installed LAMP, removed Basic Server and Cloud Services. Added swap file.

Installed Zoneminder 1.32.3 per the WIKI install script: ... e_easy_way

When adding a camera set Save JPEGs to Frames only and Video Writer to Disabled.

While this works it seems much slower than Raspbian with ZM 1.30.4. I might just drop back to 1.30.4 on this Pi Ubuntu install.

Tip: When you get Ubuntu set up on your MicroSD card use Clonezilla and a card reader in another PC to make an image of the card. Very easy to go back if you want to start over...