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Docker discussion

Post by racelife » Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:44 am

I bought a used duel quad core xenon server with 24gb ram to upgrade my zoneminder and it got me thinking maybe I should set it up as a nas/plex/zoneminder/etc. I haven't been super successful at setting up virtual machines in the past so I was thinking about running open media vault and running zoneminder/plex in dockers. Is this a good idea? Am I going to suffer a performance hit? I haven't ever messed with docker before. When building a docker instance do you define the amount of disk space? I have 6 1tb drives and a hardware raid card. (4tb for zoneminder and the rest for media etc). I don't plan on having any redundancy because I will backup critical stuff to a 5tb external drive. If there is a failure losing current footage won't kill me I figure.

Am I Heading down the wrong path? should I keep it zoneminder only and use another computer for plex/nas?

Thanks for reading

- Race

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