Video splitting even in Record (continuous) mode

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Video splitting even in Record (continuous) mode

Post by cristiano.iot » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:13 pm

Hi all, i have built a zoneminder multi server conifguration and im having problem recording videos. My cameras are set on Record (continuous) mode but im getting a lot of video splitting. The cameras are configured for splitting every 10 min, so the system should make 6 events by hour, but im getting MUCH more than that. I already tried a lot of diferent configurations and checked my system load, network communication with the cameras, etc..

Im running out of options now. Would you guys help me with this issue?

Im running ZM 1.32 with Ubuntu 18.04. Have 4 webservers for camera capturing and 1 server for DB (MYSQL) and shared folders for the recorded videos.

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