libavresample deprecated in ffmpeg upstream

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libavresample deprecated in ffmpeg upstream

Post by Nocifer » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:20 pm

Quoting directly from here:
libavresample was initially merged into ffmpeg to be a drop-in replacement for libav, but was never maintained by ffmpeg itself in favor of their own libswresample. According to upstream, libswresample can do everything libavresample can do and more [1], plus libavresample has been entirely deprecated at the end of last year [2].

[1] ... 23746.html
Since this deprecation is official and has already happened in upstream almost a year ago, and since libswresample is a superset of libavresample and can safely replace it without any complications, it makes sense that in due time all distros will be removing support for libavresample in their ffmpeg packages, just like Arch has already done so.

Just mentioning this here so a switching out of libavresample in favor of libswresample may be considered in the future.

Additionally, my log consistently shows the following WARNING:

Code: Select all

2018-10-13 15:02:55	zmc_m1		15150	WAR	Option rtsp_transport not recognized by ffmpeg	zm_ffmpeg_camera.cpp	372
From what I understand 'rtsp_transport' is a feature handled by libavformat, not libavresample, but it still might be related. Or it might not.

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