GetCapabilities Error

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GetCapabilities Error

Post by GalacticGorilla » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:31 pm

Hey all,
So I've been at this for a few weeks trying to get zoneminder to work on the Pi 3+ raspbian. I got it working wired at one point but then had to reload the OS due to some other fixes that need be done. So I got it all up and going again but not I'm receiving this error:\

Unable to probe network cameras, status is '255'. Output was:<br/><br/> No results from GetCapabilities: <Fault xmlns=""/><br/><br/> Please the following command from a command line for more information:<br/><br/>/usr/bin/ profiles 1.2 admin 123456

I have two camera's both ONIVF capable, yet that doesn't work through zoneminder. The IP Cam with Wizard is the only one that works to look for camera's and only one is picked up through the network. Also I have been finding the stream paths by using iSpy, which works with both of them. However when ever I disconnect the eth cable to do wireless they stop working, (I have set them to static IP's in router).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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