Doorbell/Camera with Zoneminder/Google Integration

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Doorbell/Camera with Zoneminder/Google Integration

Post by mbc0 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:28 pm


I am a new member today and have an idea of what I want to achieve but thought I would ask first after spending 5+ hours on these forums and google!

I would like a doorbell or camera outside that can record using zoneminder that will also send a notification through my google assistant/home mini's when either/or there is someone at the door or presses the doorbell. 2-Way audio is also something I would like hence the doorbell route.

So far I have narrowed down to a Hiwatch/Hikvision doorbell as it is supported in Zoneminder but what I am not sure about I read that Zoneminder supports all sorts of notification features but is there a way for it to integrate with my Google Assistant/Mini's ?

Many Thanks in advance!

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