Wyze, TinyCam, ZoneMinder and Home Assitant - Working

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Wyze, TinyCam, ZoneMinder and Home Assitant - Working

Post by reddog » Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:23 am

I just setup my Wyze camera in ZoneMinder and using it in Home Assistant.
I've worked through a lot of issues thanks to this forum, so I wanted to give back.

*Needs spare Android device running all the time. I'm gonna look at setting up an Ubuntu VM and putting Anbox on it, but for now I'm using an old Nexus 7.

- TinyCam
Install TinyCam PRO app on an android device.
Join wifi
Tap on hamburger menu and then + to add new camera
On the add sub-menu tap "Add IP camera, NVR/DVR"
Tap on "Camera brand", scroll and select Wyze Labs
Enter your Wyze camera username and password under Login Settings
Scroll to the bottom and click "advanced settings".
Note your camera channel number. You'll need this later.
Go back, tap on hamburger menu and select "Settings"
Find and tap on "web server" under settings
Enter a username and password (can be whatever you like) under ADMIN
Go back to main hamburger menu and scroll down, turn on "Web Server"
This will display a box with your IP address. You should now be able to view this on a computer.
Note your webserver IP address.

- ZoneMinder v1.30.4
Add a new monitor.
Source Type: Remote
Max FPS: 1 (what i used to get it working)
Alarm Maximum FPS: 1 (what i used to get it working)
Remote Protocol: HTTP
Remote Host Port: 8083
Remote Host Path: /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?fps=1&compression=80&resolution=1920x1080&camera=YOUR_CAMERA_CHANNEL_NUMBER
Capture Width: 1920
Capture Height: 1080

- Home Assistant
- platform: zoneminder
*NOTE: I already had this setup for other cameras in ZoneMinder so once I added the new monitor for the Wyze camera it was available in Home Assistant.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll let you know what I have or what I did. I'm by no means an expert with any of these tools.

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Re: Wyze, TinyCam, ZoneMinder and Home Assitant - Working

Post by ngordontt » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:41 pm

I get error message popup - Host must be set to a valid ip address or hostname, do not include http://

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