recording from two sources at once?

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recording from two sources at once?

Post by mcmellenhead » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:10 pm

Hello all. I have Debian stretch setup with ZM 1.30.04. I have 4 Reolink rlc-410 IP cameras set up and working as modect. I Also have 2 RC8025 (decommissioned from an ADT setup) working via wireless. I am running into an issue where If I have an alarm on one camera (say the RC8025 setup in my living room) and there is motion in another region (say the rlc-410 monitoring my front yard), I do not get an alarm or motion record for the rlc-410 in my front yard. All of the rlc-410's are setup identical with the "clear stream" set to 1080p 15fps@2048kbps "High" h264 profile. In ZM I have the buffers set to this:
Capture.PNG (11.49 KiB) Viewed 342 times
Source type for the rlc-410's is libvlc/rtsp using the cameras "h264Preview_01_main" url.

I do get recordings from all of the cameras, just not when there are multiple events at once. The PC I have hosting ZM is an i5-4460@3.2GHz, with 8gb ram 64gb solid state for the os+zm, and 2x 1tb WD purples setup as raid0 for event storage. Usage is usually around 1.5-2 and /dev/shm sits around 27%.

I do see several errors consitantly, such as "Unable to validate swap image path, disabling buffered playback" and "Can't stat '/tmp/zm': No such file or directory" and am wondering if maybe this may be the cause?

I've done some reading about a fork of ZM that supports H264 recording, and think that may solve my issue? If anyone has any insight or input/questions I would greatly appreciate it!

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