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[Bug] Videotimeline rendered incorrect

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:46 pm
by esprit1st
Hi guys,

I am relatively new to ZM, so excuse my maybe wrong usage of terms.
However, I have a few high-resolution cameras and I am recording in full resolution.
In order to see the whole image, I set the scale parameter of those cameras to 1/3.
Now if I play back recordings the timeline rendered underneath the video is not rescaled, so it extends way past to the right out of the window view and makes the window able to scroll to the right.

It should be possible to resolve this pretty easily by just using 100% width in the HTML code instead of absolute numbers. However I have no idea where to look for it to fix it myself, neither how to submit it to the developers.

Hope this helps. And thanks for considering.
All the best