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Swatch Log Watcher

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:50 pm
by JTheDoc
Hello fellow Zoneminders, I'm currently trying to utilise Swatch to look for "Alarm" states, and whilst I've got it to perform a simple script to move my PTZ camera, and have it work well, I'm not sure how to tell Swatch to only focus on one cameras alert.

From what I've gathered, I can tell it additional criteria to look for, but I can't get it to ignore other cameras alerts. (Such as having it only move when camera one detects motion, and not every camera regardless.)

I've found "ignore" is supposed to do something within swatch, and I tell it to ignore all monitors but the very camera I want, but it doesn't, and performs my script any report of "alarm" in the logs.

Could someone please help? Thanks, it should only really be one line, or a small modification.
I've got swatch to watchfor /Gone into alarm state/, which executes my script, but I don't know how to only do so if the log mentions "Monitor-1", or at least ignore /monitor-2/monitor-3/monitor-4/ and so on.