Problems with installation 1.29 Raspbian

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Problems with installation 1.29 Raspbian

Post by talcom » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:10 pm


I've got some problems with my installion of zoneminder 1.29. I'm a newbie in linux and zoneminder so the right installation is not easy for me.

on my pi with the newest raspbian I used this guide to install zoneminder 1.29

But at the end following command end with a 404.

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curl -b cookies.txt http://myip/zm/api/monitors.json
On the openhab forum they told me that something could be wrong with my php installation. So I deinstalled everything on my pi again.
Have a look: ... nder/43183

After the I used the guide again. And now I couldn't open the page http://localhost/zm/. I get following message.
Cannot write to content dirs(‘events’,‘images’). Check that these exist and are owned by the web account user
I need help for perfect installtion. At the end I would connect the pi with zoneminder, with my openhab pi.


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