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ES 6.0 push notifications: Update on how things work

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:22 pm
by asker
With ES 6.0, your pushes now use FCMv1 - a newer protocol that (eventually) will offer better features. Android users should already see the benefits with ES 6.0 in terms of reliable vibrations/sounds.

This also required me to change how things work and your pushes now route through an intermediary server I had to write that 'proxies' your ES messages to FCM servers. This intermediary server is hosted in the Google Cloud as well as what they call a 'cloud function' (that is, Google manages spinning up/down instances on its own)

More details here ... 27d7d7c93e - it covers what this proxy does, data that is logged and the code.

I've also updated the zmNinja privacy notice to reflect that change.