ZM 'progressive' migration

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ZM 'progressive' migration

Post by bitdumper17 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:55 am


we have a running ZM 1.28 that we'd like to upgrade.
However the server is getting slow and running out of disk space, so first of all we are planning to relocate the service to more powerful hardware.

It would be nice to switch from old to new server during a single day (so that we won't miss a single night of coverage),
but the data archive is already several TB big and it is unfeasible to copy everything from one server to the other in such short amount of time.
My question is if it e.g. it would it be suitable to proceed this way:

- install OS on the new server
- install same ZM version as on the old server
- copy all the ZM config files from the old server to the new one
- stop ZM on the old server
- dump the mysql database from the old server and restore it to the new server, without copying all the events, images. etc.
- start ZM service on the new server

< now ZM is actively running on the new server>

- then slowly copy all the old events archived on the old server to the new one (this action might take several days)
- once the copy is finished, old server can be decommissioned

- finally, upgrade to a newer ZM version

Of course when ZM is started on the new server, while the events have not been copied yet, it won't be possible yet to review past events, but would the system refuse to work because e.g. some data referenced by the database is missing?


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Re: ZM 'progressive' migration

Post by iconnor » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:26 am

That will work just fine. You just need to make sure that you turned off the audit daemon by going to Options and unchecking the RUN_AUDIT option.

You can turn it back on once all the events have been copied over.

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