Linking errors

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Linking errors

Post by Kinoha » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:04 pm


I try build zm for my arm machine but I have 2 errors:

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Linking CXX executable nph-zms
cd /home/odroid/sources/zoneminder-1.28.0/src && /usr/bin/cmake -E cmake_link_script CMakeFiles/nph-zms.dir/link.txt --verbose=1
/usr/bin/c++   -Wall -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -O2    CMakeFiles/nph-zms.dir/zms.cpp.o  -o nph-zms -rdynamic libzm.a -lz -lcurl -ljpeg -lssl -lcrypto -lpthread -lpcre -lgcrypt -lgnutls -lmysqlclient /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ -lvlc -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib: 
/usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: warning:, needed by /usr/local/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
/usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: warning:, needed by /usr/local/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
I have two files installed but wrong version:

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-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 715360 mars  24  2014 /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 624688 mars  24  2014 /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/x264-10bit/
How to fix these problems?
Maybe disable AAC support? How do this?
But I need x264 for h264 stream.


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Re: Linking errors

Post by PacoLM » Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:54 pm

Not sure you could compile V1.28 in ARM devices like an Odroid...

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Re: Linking errors

Post by knight-of-ni » Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:11 pm

I've never built zm for an arm device, but the old fashioned way to work around the build error you are experiencing is to just symlink the libraries in question to the name of the library that zm is looking for. e.g.

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ln -s 
This doesn't tell us why this is happening in the first place, so its possible that there is some underlying problem that will continue to give you grief.
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Re: Linking errors

Post by mastertheknife » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:26 am


This happened because ffmpeg was compiled against different versions of those two libraries than what you have installed on your system.

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