IP Camera Motion Detection

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Mad Professor
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IP Camera Motion Detection

Post by Mad Professor » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:22 pm

Good day all.

As per the topic title I am looking for help and advice with regards to Motion Detection with IP Camera's.

The current set-up is using analog cctv cameras, I am in the middle of upgrading the system with IP POE Camera's.

I have been using ZoneMinder to record 24/7 and detect movement with the analog cctv cameras.

The new IP POE Camera's have built-in motion detection, and are able to send a trigger output / signal when movement has been detected.

The camera's in question are Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I with firmware V5.1.6 build 140412.

Via the Camera's WEB UI: Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Events > Motion Detection

I am greeted with a page with the following Tick Boxes.

*Enable Motion Detection
*Enable Dynamic Analysis for Motion

Normal Linkage
*Notify Surveillance Center
*Send Email
*Upload to FTP
*Trigger Channel

Other Linkage
*Trigger Alarm Output

I know I could carry on using ZoneMinder to do the Motion Detection on the new IP POE Camera's, but this is going to put extra cpu and memory loads on the server.

Is anyone able to give any guidance regarding this.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.

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Re: IP Camera Motion Detection

Post by carcachute » Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:07 pm

Mad Professor wrote:Good day all.
I know I could carry on using ZoneMinder to do the Motion Detection on the new IP POE Camera's, but this is going to put extra cpu and memory loads on the server.
I don't think ZM can read extra alarms (such as motion or GPIO) from IP cameras, but I recently saw a feature request for that capability under the umbrella of full ONVIF compatibility. I have only cheesy D-Link IP cameras, but their video motion detection is not very configurable and I have been unhappy with the number of false triggers. They will trip themselves when the IR cut filter changes or when the sun goes behind a could, and the only thing you can do is desensitize it. That's why I switched to ZoneMinder. Most IP cams are probably similarly primitive. My cams do have onboard PIR sensors and it would be nice to trigger ZM off those.

One thing that seems to work for me is using linked monitors to perform motion detection at reduced resolution and framerate. Set your main high-res feeds to NODECT. Then add separate low-resolution monitors from the same cameras using MODECT, and link the NODECT feeds to them. For example, my cams can stream 3 or 4 different resolutions (called "profiles") simultaneously, so I pull from the high-res 640x480 or 1080p streams using NODECT, and do the motion detection on 320x240 and 480x270 at 6 or 7 fps. This gives me 15% idle CPU load on an Atom D510 1.6 GHz computer.

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Re: IP Camera Motion Detection

Post by zonestorm » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:36 pm

Using the low-res stream for motion detection seems like a good idea.
Is it possible in zoneminder to use the alarm on the low-res stream to record the high-res stream?

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