How to upgrade to 1.27 on Gentoo

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How to upgrade to 1.27 on Gentoo

Post by gkmac » Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:18 pm

Gentoo users.

A couple of months ago zoneminder 1.27 finally re-entered the official portage tree. For those who have yet to upgrade and are running an older version installed from an old overlay, I have posted my experiences of upgrading to v1.27 in the Gentoo forums.

It's essential reading as one can't just "emerge -u zoneminder" and have it work straight away. There are a few gotchas to be aware of when doing the upgrade...
  1. The database upgrade script has had a critical environment variable changed from ZM_PATH_BUILD to ZM_PATH_DATA, which can cause it to fail if /etc/zm.conf is not etc-updated first.
  2. The directories where the ebuild installs have moved from /var/www/zoneminder to /usr/libexec/zoneminder and /usr/share/zoneminder, so the apache config needs to be changed.
    The ebuild doesn't update the apache config for you, you need to find where it is within /etc/apache2 and have a look at the example 10_zoneminder.conf.bz2 file placed in /usr/share/docs/zoneminder-1.27.0 to find out where the directories have gone.
  3. All your existing recorded images in the /var/www/zoneminder/htdocs/events directory need to be manually moved to /var/lib/zoneminder/events.
    As well as the events directory, the contents of the images directory needs to be moved there as well.
My Gentoo forum post linked above will give you all the nitty-gritty details...

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Re: How to upgrade to 1.27 on Gentoo

Post by Phoenix84 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:09 am

Thank you!

I did the upgrade like I used to, thinking nothing of it.

At first I couldn't find the webroot nor the apache config. Then it just plain wouldn't start.
I followed your guide and was able to recover my installation. Although my previous events seem to have been lost, even after copying them over. Oh well, I didn't need them anyway.

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