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Re: new libvlc advantages

Post by linuxsense » Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:48 pm

dazed wrote:linuxsense is there option to turn off IR in the firmware, on that 35$ camera?
Yep, you can toggle it to 'auto', 'on', or 'off'. Note that I have had some odd issues with the web interface using Chrome under Linux, almost seems as if old sessions cause problems with the interface. It works fine in Safari on OSX, have not tried with IE. The problem is settings don't display the current state and sometime the camera wont accept the new settings. Again, works fine in Safari, probably OK in a few other browsers. Not a deal breaker for me as I seldom change any settings once I have it setup the way I want.

As for selling the same cam as non-POE and POE at a different price...that is just how business is done in Hong Kong and China. They probably got a crazy deal on a bunch of cams and may have run out of the non-POE ones so they just ship the POE. Seems odd, but at these prices I cant complain.

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