How to move old events to an external disk.

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How to move old events to an external disk.

Post by cpechiar » Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:07 pm

Hello everyone.

I searched a lot and couldn't find a solution for this:

I have zoneminder running with 6 IP cameras and the system disk y almost full. I know that this is normal so the time has come to decide what to do in order to ensure enough free space.

I also have a 4T external (USB) hdd that I will dedicate to this.

What I would like to do is to configure the system so that when the system disk is about 90% full, it would automatically move (not delete) old events to the external drive.

I know that I can setup zoneminder to use the external disk to store the events, but the CPU is far too loaded to add the heavy processing required to constantly write data via USB to a disk.

Also, It would be easier to change the external disk if required or to delete really old stuff without affecting zoneminder.

I do not mind if this is achieved by an external program (bash) which runs periodically if zoneminder cannot be configured in this way, but in any case, it must be possible to load back the moved events to zoneminder without losing consistency in the database, ie, it must be seamless.

I was thinking in something like automating the exporting of old events directly to the external disk and then deleting them from the timeline. Then, I would be able to import the desired exported events when required.

Comments and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Charlie.

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