Network Flooding

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Network Flooding

Post by jlarue78 » Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:05 am

Need some help. Have a PC with 4GB ram/ 32 bit on it with ubuntu 12.04 server, and had zm on it, one cam, foscam 8918w, and it worked great. I had to re build the pc, so i used another one i had, 64 bit/8gb ram and fresh install of ubuntu 12.04. Got the cam to work, and the PTZ controls, but i noticed that sometimes i wouldn't be able to log into my server via ssh, or access a website i have on it. Then other pcs on the same Ethernet switch would time out when going to web pages. So for the heck of it, i unplugged the Ethernet to my new server i built. Everything appeared to work again. Nagios sent me alerts of CPU usage at 8% + during that duration. So i stopped zoneminder. Tried it again a few days later, and same thing happened again. my whole wifi network was sluggish. so for now i un-installed it. wasnt sure if this is a common issue with the 64 bit version and the version available via apt-get, 1.26.5.

i know the first time this happened, i looked at my syslogs and nothing seemed out of the norm, just showed the normal stuff, fps entries, and the usual zm entries.

i really like using zm, and would like to figure out whats going on. For the heck of it, i installed it on my virtual pc i have, that runs ubuntu 12.04 too, and no issues. was wondering if somebody can recommend on what to check or have any suggestions. i tried to google this but nothing came up.


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Re: Network Flooding

Post by chippy99 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:54 am

Try installing wireshark, its a network montoring tool. You should then be able to see where all the network traffic is comming from.

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Re: Network Flooding

Post by pyroman » Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:02 pm

You could be getting continuous alarms. Such as the sun glistening on snow, etc. The new zone minder is more sensitive by default. I had similar slowdowns until I discovered this.

Open your camera settings, and set Reference Image Blend % to 6.25. Do the same for Alarm Reference Image blend.

Also check your events to see if this is what is happening.

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