Modect Doesn't Work

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Modect Doesn't Work

Post by Dox » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:45 pm

I'm running a Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS system with ZoneMinder v1.25.0. I am running 6 IP cameras on my system (4 wired, 2 wireless), and access them via the web and DynDns so I am not confined to my LAN. I can monitor all the cameras just fine and usually do with the Montage feature.

My problem is that I cannot seem to start Modect (Motion Detection) on any of the cameras. (Neither can I see an image when I am at the Zone settings, but I have the whole frame slected for detection.) I can "turn on" the Modect function, but it will not detect the motions.

Can anybody steer me to applicable settings or solutions? :?


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Re: Modect Doesn't Work

Post by ds18s20 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:55 am

Same exact issue here. I don't think its an issue with 12.04 LTS but rather a bug in 1.25

As soon as zones are defined the sources are broken; then deleting the zones does NOT fix the issue.

I have to delete and then re-create the sources to make them work at all; no zones then of course.

Previous version 1.24 worked just fine; no issues with zones.

I should NOT have installed Zonemidner via apt-get because that installs 1.25; should have downloaded the sources and complied the old but working version 1.24


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Re: Modect Doesn't Work

Post by jameswilson » Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:33 pm

Have seen this when the zone is bigger than the resolution. Try making the zone smaller than the whole window and see how you get on.

Also enable logging it will help you find the real issue.
James Wilson

Disclaimer: The above is pure theory and may work on a good day with the wind behind it. etc etc.

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