1.25.0 falling apart on Suse 11.3

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1.25.0 falling apart on Suse 11.3

Post by sticcino » Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:26 pm


***** NOTE UPDATE *******
installed from repository, all files are installed

fresh install on suSE 11.3
downloaded and compiled 1.25, a few errors but fixed them

seems to of compiled ok and installed:

- there's no zm file in /etc/init.d - how does one start the application now ?
- the database and tables were not created, how do i create them, there is no zm_init_database script any longer


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Re: 1.25.0 falling apart on Suse 11.3

Post by monex » Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:37 pm


it is unclear to me how you installed ZoneMinder because you wrote installed from repository and in the next sentence you wrote downloaded and compiled 1.25. Are you using the RPM or did you compile it from source?

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Re: 1.25.0 falling apart on Suse 11.3

Post by paxx » Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:56 pm

a repo install is not going to setup your sql database and other things that are necessary to configure. wget the source tar ball and run the sql script provided to create your database.

I would run an updatedb && locate zm

It may list quite a few files but should be a quick way to see if zm compiled properly. If it doesn't exists, I would remove the repo install and compile from source. If it does, cp it to /etc/init.d and chmod +x zm and try to run.

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