Integrating Zm with automation system

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Integrating Zm with automation system

Post by znelbok » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:04 am

Hi all

I want to integrate my zoneminder with my automation software.

Can thsi be done?

my goals are to trigger events on teh system when motion or other events occur within zoneminder.

e.g. Should ZM detect motion from the porch camera, turn the porch lights on. If i am not at home (i.e. alarm is armed) then send an sms/text as well.

All this is handled by the automation system, but I need ZM to send a trigger to it.

one option is to send an http request. There may be others.

I dont want to write a driver for the aytomation system that will poll the sql database or anything like that, it should be a triggered event, not a polled event.

Any help will be appreciated



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Re: Integrating Zm with automation system

Post by nightcrawler » Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:40 am

You can look at this forumboard: homeseer :

Pete made an example of viewing Zoneminder monitors by using VLC (videolan) player. it's working fine but you have to run VLC in front of your applications (like homeseer, hstouch) if you want to see the videostream.

But I'm trying to get the VLC HTTP option working, VLC has an build-in feature to stream an video to an HTTP website..
(see this howto: ... tecontrol/)
But it doesn't work yet at my install....
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I also have an (homeseer) domotica system up-and-running with touchscreens,light controllers,weather forecast etc.

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