ZoneMinder vs .. others HW

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ZoneMinder vs .. others HW

Post by johnnytolengo » Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:15 pm

Hi all, I am a lover of ZM since a lot of time I have several servers running "without" problems :)

The thing is that I saw in the market a lot of full NVRs (with motion detection), the harware they use is very simply as 1.6 GHZ procesors with a small ram doing (detection,monitoring,recording) 3 MEGAPIXEL at high FPS.

My question/s:

1) what we are doing wrong in ZM that we can't process several MPX cameras with 1,6 GHZ single processor ?

2) what kind of software does the others NVR use to do that exellent results?

3) Can we change ZM to do the same as others with a small HW? what?

thank you.

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Post by novazion » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:07 pm

I think that's a matter of motion detection.
I think those hardware use the motion detection integrated in the camera.

I'm trying to do that with zoneminder at the moment.

My problem is in nodect mode, when i trigger an event trough the camera, there's a zma process coming out.
For me zma is only a motion detection process?

Forget about that, i've got an answer saying that zma deals jpeg recording too. but anyway possibly, using camera integrated motion detection could save some cpu ressorces.

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