DB problem ?

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DB problem ?

Postby timf » Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:13 am

HI Guys,

long time no post - just moved house and re-setting up ZM.

Had to install a new HD for events and image storage - pretty sure I did it right in fstab and ownership etc

Everything appears to be running until I try and view stored events.

When I click on one it brings up the event but always with a duration of 0 and no content.

Looking in the syslog I see this:

Dec 23 10:53:37 localhost zms[3457]: FAT [Unable to load event 307, not found in DB]

I also noticed that mysql is complaining about corrupted tables for events - so I went into mysql and repaired the table.

As before I have symbolic links in /usr/share/zoneminder for events and images pointing to /var/cache/zoneminder/ events and /var/cache/zoneminder/images. BUt no images or events are getting stored there !

Any ideas ?

Cheers Tim

Edit - put the original storage drive back in and restored fstab etc. Still no stored images plus the sources on the control page stay orange rather than green when zm is running.

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Re: DB problem ?

Postby Flasheart » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:06 am

Hi Tim,

The symbolic links should work ok (but check the wiki about upgrading zm, at least in debian it will delete the links, recreate the original dir structure and zmaudit will delete all your records!).

The obvious suggestion is that the newly created dirs that the symbolic links point to don't have permission for zm to write to.

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Re: DB problem ?

Postby timf » Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:31 am

Hi Flash,

thanks for the tip - after a good nights sleep and a fresh start I realized I had a type in the symbolic link !

Permissions were all set ok, just me being dumb with symbolic linking :-)

All is good now.

Merry Christmas


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