kill -HUP zma pids

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kill -HUP zma pids

Postby ilisepe1 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:24 am


In have an area, that I'm guarding with zm, but due to sun light changes it gives me a lot of false alarms.
So, I'm changing MinPixelThreshold field in Zones table during the time of the day.
I noticed that killing -HUP zma pids doesn't reload the new MinPixelThreshold settings from the db. Neither does with -TERM.
Restarting zm with does the trick, but this gives a small downtime (~ 10 seconds).

Looking in the src I can see, for example, that HUP signal triggers eventually ReloadZones() -> Zone::Load() which reloads all zone settings, but in my case I don't think that it does. Am I I correct or I'm missing something?
Btw, I have version 1.24.2 (ubuntu 11.04 package).

I've also tried a different approach, by using the zmdc.
First, I enabled the debug mode and then I restarted zma with zmdc. For example: restart zma -m 4
Then, I checked the debug log for MnAT (I suppose this is the MinPixelThreshold value):

/tmp/zm_debug.log.16145:04/22/12 14:01:19.799402 zma_m4[16145].DB1-zm_zone.cpp/50 [Initialised zone 30/top_area - 1 - 215x231 - Rgb:ff0000, CM:3, MnAT:25, MxAT:0, MnAP:3746, MxAP:0, FB:3x3, MnFP:2809, MxFP:0, MnBS:2341, MxBS:0, MnB:1, MxB:0, OF: 0]

, but it doesn't change.
It changes only if I restart zma with zmdc 2-3 times.

My guess is that I'm missing something. So, the question is, what's the safest way to change MinPixelThreshold value from db directly and the have it applied in zma processes?

Thank you

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