5 analog cameras + 8 camera kodicom clone card for sale

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5 analog cameras + 8 camera kodicom clone card for sale

Post by AnotherBrian » Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:29 pm


The two bullet cameras are KT&C VF290PH and operate well under low light conditions. One is PAL format (752x582) and the other is NTSC format (768x 494). They are varifocal cameras. Varifocal allows you to adjust the zoom on the camera at installation time.

The 3 dome cameras are off name brand PAL format with infra-red for night vision and are similar in quality to the KT&C brand.

The DVR card is a Kodicom 8800 clone which fits into the PCI slot of a computer. This card works well using free (open source) Zoneminder software running under free (open source) LINUX operating system such as Ubuntu. The card will support 8 cameras. The card supports both PAL and NTSC cameras.

Although there are many ways to connect the DVR card to the camera, the photo shows standard CAT5 cabling using COAX/CAT5 adapters. This way the wire also carries the power for the camera and only one physical cable is needed to the camera. CAT5 cabling is the same as what is used with your network cable to your computer. You can also use coax cable but then you need to get power to the camera. Such coax cable is called siemese and is more expensive that cat5.

$50 takes all.

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Re: 5 analog cameras + 8 camera kodicom clone card for sale

Post by robp2175 » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:09 pm

I am interested. Is this still available?

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