Consultancy and technical job

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Consultancy and technical job

Post by zmesp » Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:32 pm


We need a ZoneMinder expert to set up a complete solution, with some previous consultancy job based in our requirements. The solution would have to be able to:

- Non-stop record of high quality video from 6 IP Wifi cameras
- Extract video (from one minute to another, for example) on the fly(while it's still recording) and save it in single and compressed video files.

So, if you consider yourself an expert we are looking for:
- Hardware consultancy --> We'd setup the enviroment by ourselves, but we need to be sure about what HW is needed in order to fullfill the SW requirements
* Computer/Server
* Cameras
* Wifi set-up (router, etc.)

- Software consultancy --> Once the HW enviroment is setup, we'd need somebody that initially and remotely install the SW enviroment.
* Linux (we can do this by ourselves, and put the HW available in SSH)
* Zoneminder
* DVD record software

Are you interested? Please PM or write me at carlosliebana[at]

Thanks a lot in advance.

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