Rules for Posting

Advertise ZM related vacancies or offer your skills to others. Sell or exchange your surplus equipment or ask around for bits and pieces you need.
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Rules for Posting

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This forum is for regular members to sell or exchange any surplus cameras or related equipment. It is also for members to ask around for any particular bits of kit that are wanted.

It is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL POSTINGS OR ADVERTISING. Any posts that breach these these rules will be deleted and posters risk being suspended or banned.

Links to sites that sell equipment, or offers to supply equipment, in response to specific Wanted posts only will be permitting provided they are (a) relevant to the original post, (b) limited to only specific items in context, (c) factual only and contain no gratuitous marketing spiel or blurb and (d) low in volume and high in information content. Posters are also permitted to post links to relevant items being sold through other sites (e.g. eBay) provided these are private sales and not commercial.

I (and the other moderators) reserve the right to make arbitrary judgements on all of the above that may be entirely lacking in consistency depending on mood, alcohol consumption and phase of the moon.

This forum is to allow members to make initial contact with each other in regards to equipment sale or exchange. It is not responsible for any financial or other transactions that take place as a result of contacts made here and does not offer any financial. escrow or other service. In other words, caveat emptor!

Happy Hunting!
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