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Translation for items that are both verbs & names

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:28 pm
by seb3s
Hi Philip,

I'm in the process of improving the french translation for ZoneMinder. I just encounter the case of Archive ($zmSlangArchive) that is used both as a verb (within a few buttons to describe the action of archiving) and as a name in the main console (as the column header to the total events already archived in the system).
The problem is that in french, the two spells differently and so I would need to change the console term to be something like Archived ($zmSlangArchived) or Archives (to be created).
Finally I would keep the Archive ($zmSlangArchive) as a verb.

What do you think ?



Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:36 pm
by seb3s
I could add that there are quite a lot of english terms that are both verbs & names and so that would translate differently in french (load for instance). But I've not yet meet another case where a term was used in both context.

It could be useful to have the possibility to distinguish the context for such terms if they are to be used for both context.

I mean something like:


or maybe simpler

$zmSlangToArchive ==> verb
$zmSlangArchive ==> name



Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:39 pm
by cordel
Moved and cleaned :D

Thanks Sébastien!


Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 9:09 am
by zoneminder
If anyone comes across terms like this then just let me know and I will split the terms as appropriate. So if there are any more like this in French (or any other language) just drop me a mail and I will fix them.

Archive to be splitted

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 9:26 am
by seb3s
I guess that means that you've already taken into account that Archive needs to be splitted for the next revision ?



Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:35 pm
by robi
Aaaaah! I was about to start a new topic on this!

It's exactly the same situation for both hungarian and romanian. "Archive" is a good example: as a verb "Achiválás", while as a name "Archívum" (hungarian). "Arhivare" vs. "Arhivă" (romanian).

Has this split taken care of? Would be really useful.