Window sizes - different for languages

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Window sizes - different for languages

Post by robi » Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:51 pm

Perhaps it would be useful to specify the widths of the pop-up windows in the language files. Why?

Because words like 'Rename', 'Replay', 'Scale', 'Single Event', 'Actual' in different languages are longer than in English. While a window width and its contents in the menu row are set for English, a properly translated interface makes the window contents break/split in multiple rows, as words being longer occupy more space - they don't fit all in one row as in English - looking very confusing. Abbreviations can be used of course, but let's be honest, they look dull. Really dull...

You guessed by now - the most critical is the Event window, but the Options window is just as problematic, in the menu tabs, for example.

If we could specify, at the beginning of the language file, the default/minimal widths of the (popup) windows, each translator could adjust these according to the specifics of the language, to make all the properly translated strings display correctly.

If not all, but at least for the Event window... what do you think?
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