ESCAM QH002 working

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ESCAM QH002 working

Post by andrewdmcg » Sat May 25, 2019 2:45 pm

Simple wired IP 1080 resolution camera, cost less than £20 from China

As normal with these things the documentation directed to some ActiveX control I can't use, or dodgy third-party android apps.

It claims ONVIF but the zoneminder probe didn't find it, possibly because of my weird network structure, possibly because I'm still on 1.30.4.

The answer for Linux users is

The thing insisted on being when I plugged it in. I suspect it will only work out of the box on a network that's or . However, it can then be reconfigured

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$ virtualenv onvif
$ . onvif/bin/activate
$ cd onvif
$ git clone
$ cd python-onvif
$ python install
I wanted to set it to use DHCP so I could control its IP address from my router, that was:

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$ onvif-cli --host -u admin -a 123456 devicemgmt SetNetworkInterfaces "{'InterfaceToken': 'eth0', 'NetworkInterface': { 'Enabled': 'true', 'IPv4': { 'Enabled': 'true', 'DHCP': 'true' } } }"
It's also possible to set a static IP address, that would be something like:

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$ onvif-cli --host -u admin -a 123456 devicemgmt SetNetworkInterfaces "{'InterfaceToken': 'eth0', 'NetworkInterface': { 'Enabled': 'true', 'IPv4': { 'Enabled': 'true', 'Manual': [ { 'Address': '', 'PrefixLength': 24 } ] } } }"
It set the time to 1970, again you can set NTP addresses to use or just tell it to use DHCP:

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$ onvif-cli --host -u admin -a 123456 devicemgmt SetNTP "{ 'FromDHCP': 'true' }"
And, to get the all-important streaming URL:

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$ onvif-cli --host -u admin -a 123456 media GetStreamUri "{'StreamSetup': {'Stream':'RTP-Unicast', 'Transport':{'Protocol':'TCP'}}, 'ProfileToken': 'CH01'}"
So for me my ZM setup using libvlc ended up
  • Source Path: rtsp://
  • Remote Method: TCP
  • Target colorspace: 32 bit colour
  • Capture Width: 1920
  • Capture Height: 1080

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Re: ESCAM QH002 working

Post by dzek69 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:34 am

Had the same issue with QH002 - I even wanted to allow ActiveX scripts, but... the camera came with broken software (javascript errors in the console) and Internet Explorer wasn't even able to get to the point of running these scripts.

Also I wasn't able to change default networking settings.

As setting up Python was always pain for me - I choosed Windows machine and found "Onvif device manager" app (this is exactly how it is named). With it I am able to change some basic settings of the camera, at least everything to make it work.

So if you aren't a heavy Linux user - use app mentioned above.

Also keep in mind that QH002 (as many other chearp/chinese cameras) has only partially implemented ONVIF - so without web interface access you have no access to some of the camera settings (like pretty advanced in this model motion detection, cover zones, etc).

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