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Own hardware solution?

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:22 pm
by SparkyRih
So I'm an entrepreneur who's starting a new store (selling smartwatches) as an extension to my already existing webshop. However, my main occupation is in software engineering, and I have a background in system administration. So probably to your surprise, I'm doing all the tech stuff myself :D

I've been running ESXi servers (in actual DCs) for years now, and I'm currently waiting on a Core-i5 mini PC from China to throw pfSense on to use as my main router for the store/office...

I do already have a professional certified alarm system installed, but I obviously also need video surveillance... "Professional" solutions are waaaay too expensive, Chinese solutions, well, I'm not sure if I should trust that software, so there is only one option left: Building my own system based on an open source platform! :D

So my question to you guys, what hardware would you recommend to me for running ZoneMinder?
- I'd like to use Ubuntu as my OS
- I'd like to use about 8 2MP/3MP 30fps camera's (I'll find those myself)
- It shouldn't be too expensive, but also not too cheap (since I'll be using them professionally, I'd rather use some overkill hardware of course)

Any advise in existing systems? Or better yet, maybe I can harvest components to build something awesome myself?