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Raspberry Pi not receiving photos properly

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:22 pm
by johnaaronrose
I'm running ZoneMinder 1.29 on a Ubuntu 18.04 laptop recently upgraded from 16.04, installed as per Ubuntu Server 16.04 and with apache2 listening on port 83. On my Pi, ZM is 1.30 installed as per this blog with apache2 listening on port 83. Both boxes are 'linked' to the same camera. My router Port Forwards ports 83 & 84 to the appropriate boxes. On the Ubuntu laptop, monitor (i.e. camera) 'configuration' of ZM 1.29 has 'UDP' when logged into it by localhost:83/zm. On the Pi, monitor (i.e. camera) 'configuration' of ZM 1.30 has 'RTP/RTSP/HTTP. Both are set to use ffmpeg with Modect and the same filter to delete all events more than 24 hours old.. However, Pi has approx 00 events whereas laptop has approx 40 events. The Pi's Modect events show the photos varying as they don't always come through properly (e.g. light intensity varies). Have anybody had a similar problem?